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Bluepin Digital is an organization dedicated to delivering solutions for businesses to boost ROI and brand awareness. With the flawless integration of digital marketing,the visibility and recognition of the brand will be reached across the world. The best-in-class strategy and the customer-centric approach will make Bluepin Digital an ideal choice for your business solutions.

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RedTeam Hacker Academy is a reputable institution with over 7 years of industry experience, offering convenient locations in the UAE and India for students in multiple regions. With a track record of certifying over 5,000 students, they provide exclusive placement training programmes to enhance job prospects. The academy’s internationally recognised cybersecurity curriculum, global partnerships with prestigious organisations, and recognition by the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority showcase their commitment to delivering high-quality education.


The RedTeam Security Summit is the finest national security summit conducted every year, offering extensive knowledge and proficiency in a range of cybersecurity fields. The summit equips attendees, including aspiring and current security professionals, with the latest trends, job opportunities, and insights from industry leaders, facilitating their career growth and enhancing their knowledge of cybersecurity best practises. It is organised by the Red Team Hacker Academy, collaborating with esteemed organisations such as Kerala Police, Cyberdome, and the Cyber Peace Foundation.

The DigitalX Marketers Academy, located in Kochi, Kerala, is a premier destination for individuals aspiring to excel in the field of digital marketing. Here, expert instructors guide students through various strategies and techniques necessary for optimising, strategizing, marketing, and transforming businesses in the digital world. The DigitalX Marketers Academy ensures that students gain hands-on experience and learn from experts.

Smartworks is a collective of individuals that are passionate about offering cutting-edge smart solutions in the UAE based on dependable technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud computing. Their innovative ideas place a high value on security and the distinctive qualities of locking and security systems, and the clever solutions in the UAE offer clients faultless experiences. With their intelligent efforts and services, together with a reasonable price, Smartwork Venture empowers the client to achieve high standards of living.

Meditech Edu Solutions is one of the best domestic and overseas education consultants in Kerala. With solid credentials and reliable service advice, they help students achieve the highest academic levels possible based on their academic abilities and financial resources. Setting realistic academic goals for aspirant students and facilitating the best educational possibilities in both domestic and prominent international colleges, praising pupils’ abilities, and encouraging them to strive for nothing less than the finest in their academic endeavours are their main goals.

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RedTeam Security Summit

Bluepin Digital is the proud media partner of the RedTeam security summit, a sensational cybersecurity conference in Kerala hosted by RedTeam Hacker Acadamy every year. The aim is for cybersecurity enthusiasts to explore and experience cybersecurity through panel discussions, seminars and workshops.

RedTeam Hacker Academy

RedTeam Hacker Academy is an amalgamation of young talents who has a strong passion for learning cybersecurity. The academy was founded in 2016 to provide quality education on cyber security, forensics and ethical hacking with qualified security experts. Bluepin Digital empowers RedTeam Hacker Academy with top-class digital solutions.

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